Spokane Laminate Flooring

Many homeowners choose laminate flooring because they desire a close reproduction or imitation of solid wood floors with some extra perks. Here is a quick rundown of laminate flooring's benefits and use.

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spokane Laminate Flooring

Spokane Laminate Flooring

Spokane Laminate Flooring

There is great news! Waterproof qualities have been added to the popular laminate floors you know and love. Water-resistant and waterproof laminate flooring are now available, making this classic wood-look floor even more appealing. Spokane Laminate Flooring can be used in more rooms of the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom, to ensure that it will survive the messes of ordinary life. Continue reading to learn how waterproof and water-resistant laminate flooring works, what to expect, and how to choose the right product for your needs.

Waterproof laminate is an improved version of the famous wood-look synthetic floor that is now water-resistant. Laminate has a lifelike appearance that might easily be mistaken for natural hardwood. People adore laminate because of its low cost, but it has never been known for its water resistance.

Laminate has a reputation for absorbing water and swelling rapidly. But, thanks to cutting-edge technology, that has all changed.

Water-proof seal: First, the surface has a water-repellent seal that prevents spills and moisture from entering the core.

Watertight joints: Each plank is closely connected to the next to prevent water from leaking through. Some waterproof laminate flooring has bevels that wrap around the plank's edges for even better moisture protection at the joints.

Waterproof core: The waterproof laminate’s core layer comprises compressed high-density fiberboard (HDF) with resins. As a result, it is less prone to swelling and has better water resistance.

Laminate Wood Flooring WA states that there are various levels make up water-resistant and  waterproof  laminate flooring, including:

  •    The top layer protects the floor from scratches, wear, and stains while also giving it a realistic appearance and feel. This is the floor's protective shield, which prevents the dog's clattering claws from making markings. A waterproof seal prevents water from penetrating the floor and causing damage.

  •   The image layer sits just beneath the wear layer and contains the pattern or print of your floor. This provides your floor a stunning and authentic wood or stone appearance.

  •   The core layer, which sits just beneath the print layer, gives the floor its longevity and stability. This layer, usually comprised of compressed high-density fiberboard (called HDF), is where the water-resistant or waterproof properties kick in. Water-resistant laminate floors may have more resins in the fiberboard, making them less prone to swelling in water.

  •   This layer contributes to the floor's stability and can prevent water from infiltrating the base from below. Backing layers are commonly used to protect the core from subfloor moisture, such as that found in concrete floors or basements, ensuring that each plank is resistant to water from both above and below.

What is the difference between certain brands using the phrase "waterproof" to describe their products and others using the term "water-resistant"?

When it comes to flooring, waterproof and water-resistant are not the same thing.

  •   Water resistance: refers to the ability of a particular aspect of the flooring to withstand water better than typical. This usually indicates that water can sit on the surface for a long time before it soaks in. Water-resistant laminate floors will afford you some time if you cannot attend to a spill immediately away.

  •   Waterproof: while for our product - refers to the fact that water will never be able to penetrate the flooring, regardless of how long it has been exposed to it.

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