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Linoleum flooring has been rising in popularity due to its eco-friendly and natural components. Enjoy comfortable and all-natural flooring for your home with Linoleum Flooring Spokane.

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linoleum Flooring spokane

Linoleum Flooring Spokane


Linoleum was once a popular flooring choice back in the late 1800s, and for a good reason. It is made up of natural and sustainable resources, which makes it an eco-friendly flooring option. If maintained or cared for properly, linoleum flooring Spokane can last for up to 40 years! Unfortunately, due to the surge of vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring fell out of popularity. Up to this day, vinyl flooring and linoleum flooring are sometimes mistaken for each other. While both are almost similar in appearance and installation, linoleum flooring is better for maintaining a healthy home since it does not emit harmful VOCs. Our flooring company provides linoleum flooring installation in Spokane, WA. While it may appear easy to DIY, linoleum flooring may require proper sealing to be more resistant to water. It also needs precision and care when cutting and applying.


Linoleum flooring has a lot of upsides and downsides. While it is considered more natural than vinyl flooring, it is still pretty costly. Considering the advantages and disadvantages can help you prepare yourself for the type of flooring most suitable for your home.

Linoleum flooring brings about several benefits for your home. Although it is not an often suitable choice for bathrooms, it is still a durable flooring. Here are some of the advantages you can get from linoleum floor WA:

  •   Environmentally friendly - Linoleum is made from natural and renewable resources like linseed oil, cork dust, pine resin, and ground limestone, making it an all-natural flooring. 

  •   Versatile in terms of color and design - Because the color is dyed all the way through, it is unlikely to fade over time. Linoleum flooring is available in different colors and styles, to which homeowners can enjoy making unique mosaics and flooring designs.

  •   Durable and Resilient - Linoleum flooring Spokane is durable since it can resist wear and tear while bouncing back when stepped on. 

  •   Water-resistant - Linoleum flooring can resist water to a certain degree. 

  •   Does not emit harmful VOCs - Linoleum flooring does not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can cause health problems, unlike other synthetic flooring materials.

  •   Anti-bacterial - Linoleum floor WA does not trap bacteria or dirt, making it a safe flooring material for children to play on.

Every flooring material has its disadvantages. The same can be said for linoleum flooring. The disadvantages are listed below:

  •   It is susceptible to scratches - Just like any soft type of flooring, linoleum is also vulnerable to scratches, so dragging heavy furniture can leave a mark.

  •   It is not entirely waterproof - Linoleum flooring Spokane can curl up if immersed in water or exposed to moisture for long periods.

  •   Complicated installation - Installing linoleum flooring can be complicated depending on its type.

  •   Prone to ambering - If left exposed to UV light for long periods, linoleum flooring can take on a yellowish hue.

Depending on the use and design that you desire, linoleum flooring Spokane is available in three different types or forms.  

Linoleum Sheet Flooring
Linoleum flooring can be manufactured into large sheets. This makes it ideal for large rooms or areas. The sheets can be cut into the desired length and may require professional installation for precision.

Linoleum Tile Flooring
Flooring linoleum WA tiles are a great alternative to stone and ceramic tiles. It is available in different colors and hues, which can be installed and arranged however you want. The installation process can be pretty straightforward, and you can DIY.

Linoleum Plank Flooring

Linoleum is also available in clickable glueless planks. This makes it easy to install with minimal effort and clutter. However, the subfloor should be smooth and adequately installed before placing the planks.

Find out more about our available linoleum flooring colors and designs. Design your own space yourself with Linoleum Flooring Spokane. If you lack the time and expertise to do the flooring installation, you can leave it to us. We have the right tools and expertise for a swift and quality linoleum flooring installation. Contact us today!  

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